A modern style study and dressing room


A modern style study and dressing room are carefully designed to maximize the use of limited space, providing a perfect combination of a study and a makeup area.

White marble-patterned tabletop with mirrored drawer fronts: On the left as you enter, there is an L-shaped white marble-patterned tabletop with drawer fronts adorned with mirrors. This design not only offers a spacious workspace but also adds a sense of brightness and modernity to the space.

The long wall features a well-structured design, including mirrors, LED lights, and black wood-grain wall panels. The mirrors reflect light, enhancing the transparency of the space, while the LED lights provide soft illumination, and the black wood-grain wall panels add texture and depth.

Hanging cabinet design: At the far end of the short side, you can find a white marble-patterned hanging cabinet with a 3-door and open design. This hanging cabinet provides extra storage space and allows you to neatly arrange your items.

This versatile light luxury modern study and dressing room design stands out for its sophistication, modernity, and smart use of space. It is an impressive and tasteful space suitable for achieving multiple purposes in a small area.

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